About Eve

Eve Poland is a largely self-taught artist working in Brighton, UK, and is best known for her deceptively simple images of mischievous black cats and cheeky ladies.

Eve says: "When I was three I painted a wizard and some other things I can't remember and they ended up in an exhibition at Brighton Library. I've been making artwork ever since, one way or another, and have been selling my art professionally since 2005. If I could say it another way I'd be writing stories not painting pictures; look, interpret, imagine, take away what you will. Hopefully enjoy, appreciate and find your cultural world just a little bit happier for a moment or two."

Eve largely employs traditional manual techniques rather than working digitally as she enjoys the characterful imperfections which arise from handmade processes. She has secured a reputation for art which reflects her own quirky sense of humour — with just an edge of darkness.

Feel free to ask about commissions or any particular projects you may have in mind via the contact page.